In a serious injury from a car accident, I sustained several labral tears in my hip joint. The doctors told me that the only way to fix this was through surgery. However, through the treatment of Integrative Manual Therapy at Keeney Physical Therapy, I was given another solution without surgery. The tears have been closed and I can once again get back on the treadmill. Although people may not understand the techniques or may be skeptical, I highly recommend Keeney Physical Therapy – they changed my life!

–Rebecca Twist


I have been treated at Keeney PT for several years.  Being an elder woman with several chronic diagnoses, including post-polio and being dependent upon electric legs, Joe’s treatments and health care guidance have continued to facilitate my work toward an optimum health state. I consider his work essential to my continued good health status. I find the Keeney PT clinic to be among the finest I have encountered in healthcare.  Now, if he could get my legs to walk again...

–Mary Lee Nitschke, Ph.D.


I have been a patient of Keeney Physical Therapy for the past two years. I came to them for help with chronic pain resulting from a bicycle accident and subsequent brain surgery related to a tumor. During the time I have worked with them using the IMT method, my symptoms have gradually faded and now I am almost entirely pain-free. This is remarkable given the years of discomfort I felt preceding my work with them. Another but unexpected benefit from our work is that I have been gluten-free for two years and enjoy the many advantages of that!

–Margaret Frank