Joseph Keeney, PT, CIMT

Joe graduated from Pacific University Physical Therapy School and spent four years working at Emanuel Hospital in their stroke rehabilitation program. He then moved to the orthopedic outpatient department and during this time met his mentor, Ed Stiles, DO, who radically altered the direction of his career. Joe became his student and table instructor for 15 years, taking courses in Muscle Energy, Functional Indirect and Cranial Sacral therapy. After Dr. Stiles stopped teaching in Oregon, Joe began co-teaching these classes, with his encouragement, for the past nine years.


Throughout Joe’s training with Dr. Stiles, he continually emphasized the idea that only treating the painful area can be misleading. Frequently, the cause of pain is silent, which he referred to as the “area of greatest restriction.” The area that is painful is often the location in the body that has lost its ability to compensate. Finding and treating the area of greatest restriction in the body will treat the painful area and other areas at the same time. Joe has built his current practice on this very important foundational principle.


During this period while studying with Dr. Stiles, Joe continued to be drawn to all forms of manual therapy techniques, including numerous classes in Strain/Counterstain from Lawrence Jones, DO, Craniosacral from John Upledger, DO and Visceral Manipulation (Jean-Pierre Barral, DO) taught by Frank Lowen, LMT. He also attended and graduated from a four year Feldenkrais training program in 1999.


Joe was introduced to Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) created by Sharon Giammatteo, PT, PhD. in 1998. Joe completed and became certified as an IMT therapist in 2009 and continues to take IMT courses. Dr. Giammatteo provided the multiple system vision through motilities to assess and treat circulatory, lymphatic, visceral, digestive, bone, fascial and nervous systems.


Over the past 30 years, Joe has developed the unparalleled ability to creatively synthesize his vast osteopathic and manual therapy experience. During his focused and uniquely tailored treatments, he possesses the ability to envision how the concept of treating the area of greatest restriction in the musculoskeletal system can be expanded to treating all the systems in the body. This makes him truly unique as a Physical Therapist.


Joe has many other interests in life such as playing the guitar, hiking, fly fishing, reading, and interacting with earth energies. During the past several years, Joe has made trips to England studying stone circle and crop circle energy patterns. By using the idea of seeing patterns in humans, Joe has discovered patterns within earth energies that can be engaged with. Joe is currently working with what these energies mean to our health and environment and is writing and researching these discoveries.